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Best Tactical Pants

Best Tactical Pants Reviews in 2020

Are you ready to get dressed for tough work? Our packing for an outdoors experience. Is it time for combat? Then you definitely know that you need to buy the best tactical pants. Dressing right and packing the appropriate outfit is never something trivial. When your survival is at the stake, finding the best tactical pants can make all the difference.

Tactical pants are specially made to withstand tough conditions. As a matter of fact, they should probably be in every wardrobe. They work perfectly for everything. You can easily wear your lightweight tactical pants at work and pack them for a camping trip. The right and properly isolated pants will protect your body in freezing weather. Regardless of your needs, you will always find a pair that is specially made to fit your needs. Tactical pants are comfortable and extremely versatile.

How To Choose the Best Tactical Pants:

Men’s tactical pants were first designed for lumberjacks. The products are very comfortable to wear and provided an adequate level of protection and flexibility. Because they were very successful, military men and policemen started to use them too. They proved to be very useful in extreme situations, unlike ordinary pants. Tactical pants provide a more comfortable fit than denim and also offer a lot more storage. They are definitely sturdier than ordinary pants that are made of cloth. They usually have reinforced seams and extra protection in the knee area. The best choice of combat boots with nice tactical pants

If you want to buy the best tactical pants, there are a few features that you definitely want to take into consideration. The relevant features will differ from one person to another. Depending on the nature of the activity and the weather condition, you will be able to find the perfect pair. In this section, we have highlighted some of the basics that you need to keep an eye on.


Weather Resistance:

Most tactical pants will provide some sort of protection against water. The best tactical pants for everyday wear might have the fabric treated in a way that will make water roll-off. They are great for a little rain or some humidity. However, they will not be waterproof. If you are planning to spend some time in the water, then you actually need to invest in a pair of lightweight tactical pants that will dry up fast.


If you are planning to spend some time climbing rocks or exploring the jungle, then you will have to go for some thick fabric. This will protect your body from injury and will not allow insects to bite you.

Convertible tactical pants are great, especially in hot weather. They are usually made from a light material that is also breathable. You can easily roll them up when it gets too hot during the daytime, thus transforming them into shorts. But you know that even on the hottest days, things can get quite chilly at night and this is when your tactical pants come in handy. You will not have to pack a different outfit.

In extremely cold weather, you must stick to high quality insulated tactical pants. These might not be very breathable but will protect your body against the cold. Layering a pair of thermals underneath them will ensure that you can easily function in a subzero climate.


Durability is a crucial issue when you are picking the best tactical pants. You will be able to find pairs that are made of cotton, canvas or synthetic fabric. Cotton is very durable and comfortable to wear. However, it is not the lightest option and retains moisture. Cotton should always be treated to be water-resistant. Canvas is not as comfortable but will provide years of continuous use before showing the slightest sign of wear and tear. Synthetic materials are very versatile and comfortable. They are also lightweight. The only time you should avoid them if you are allergic. The best tactical pants will feature a blend of natural and synthetic fabrics.

Other Features:

  • You need to make sure that your pants are made to provide mobility. A restricting pair of pants is not the best to buy if you are going to spend some time in the outdoors. Most of the best fitting tactical pants will have pleats at the knee area for easy movement.
  • Extra storage is critical. Your pants should feature easy to access pockets where you can keep a flashlight or a defense weapon. Some pants will also have zippers or Velcro closures to keep your belongings safe.

The Best Tactical Pants On the Market:

Here, you will find all that you need to know about the best tactical pants on the market. Now all you have to do is to go through the product descriptions and you will definitely find the pair you need.

1) TRU-SPEC Men’s Lightweight 24-7 Pant:

Men's Lightweight 24-7 PantThese are great tactical pants that will last for long. You might find cheaper options but they will never beat the durability and versatility of these ones. These pants are made of cotton polyester ripstop fabric that is designed to keep you comfortable in different terrains. The fabric is Teflon coated to be water-resistant. It comes in an elegant khaki shade that will look good for long.

These tactical pants are wind resistant and will protect your body from the elements because they are very durable. They will dry fast and will be more comfortable to wear in humid conditions. But the best thing about these pants is that they feature a lot of pockets that will fit everything you need. You will have easy access to all your belongings without having to struggle through a backpack. The pants feature knife pockets with stiff inner lining in addition to special cargo pockets with hook and loop closure for your magazines. They also come with back pockets for extra space. They even feature knee pockets if you want to add your own internal knee pads for extra protection.


  • Versatile and comfortable to wear in different weather conditions.
  • Durable materials with water-resistant features.
  • Wind resistant and dry up fast.
  • A lot of versatile pockets to keep your belongings safe.


  • The crotch is not gusseted.

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2) Propper Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pant:

Propper Men's Lightweight Tactical PantThese are the best tactical cargo pants to wear every day or for a trip in the wilderness. They are very comfortable to wear and are made of cotton and polyester blend. The elastic waistband will provide flexibility and will enable you to move freely. They are perfect to wear while practicing sports and carrying loads.  They come in different shades to suit every taste.

These pants feature a lot of pockets for everything you need. They also feature some hidden pockets for your secret weapon or self-defense. They are designed to keep you protected and well covered when you are on your own.

These pants are breathable and will work well in hot weather. The fabric is Teflon treated to repel liquids and stains. They feature double stitching that will allow them to stay in great condition with excessive activity. People love how these pants look since they feature pleats that will make them elegant to wear.


  • Elegant looking tactical pants that can be used in everyday life.
  • Cotton and polyester blend that is Teflon coated to repel stains and water.
  • A lot of visible and hidden pockets.
  • Stretch waistband for more flexibility and mobility.
  • Breathable materials with durable double stitching.


  • Some users reported that the rear pockets are not very easy to access.

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3) 5.11 Men’s Tactical 74273 TacLite Pro Pant:

TacLite Pro PantThese pants offer everything you can think of in the world of tactical pants. They are comfortable, durable and very versatile. These pants are sturdy and will handle everything but they also look good to wear if you decided to shut off your inner explorer for a while.

They are made of cotton polyester ripstop blend that will look great for a good number of years. The fabric weight will not restrict you but is very durable. It is Teflon coated to repel stains and liquids. Moreover, you can count on the fabric’s durability because it is doubled in areas that are prone to wear. The triple stitching at major seams and stress points will ensure that these pants will last for long. They come in interesting shades that will always look perfect.

These pants feature an action waistband that allows for some flexibility. You will not have to worry about adding a thermal or gaining a few pounds. They also feature a lot of pockets for everything you need. The knife pocket is internally stiffened for protection. They also feature cargo pockets, rear pockets, and zippers to keep your belongings safe.


  • Versatile pants that will look great every day and in extreme conditions.
  • Ripstop cotton polyester blend that is Teflon coated.
  • An elastic waistband for mobility.
  • Triple stitching at seams and doubled fabric at stress points.
  • External and internal pockets.


  • Some people found that accessing the Velcro pockets is a bit uncomfortable. Unless you are wearing gloves, they will scratch your hands.

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4) 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi Sports:

Outdoor and Multi SportsThese are the best tactical pants to wear in cold weather. They are made of fleece that will keep you warm and the front area is covered with a synthetic material that will repel water. These pants will not restrict your movement and will allow you to move comfortably.

These tactical pants offer great breathability with extra padding and cushioning. They are perfect to use in cold weather whether you are practicing sports or exploring wild terrains. The pants are internally lined with fleece that will keep you extra warm. This lining will retain your body heat in extreme conditions.

These pants feature zippered pockets with easy to adjust leg openings. They also feature a reflective logo that will keep you safe when you are hiking or cycling in low light conditions.


  • Warm fleece pants with an internal fleece lining to keep you warm.
  • The front area is covered with synthetic polyester that will repel water.
  • Provide flexibility and mobility.
  • Zippered pockets.
  • A reflective logo for safety.


  • These pants run small.

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5) 11 Tactical Stryke Pant With Flex-Tac TM:

11 Tactical Stryke PantThese are among the best tactical pants for the money. They are also more elegant than other models on the market. They are good to wear to the office or for some quality camping time. The pants are made of ripstop Flec-Tac fabric which is a stretchy blend of cotton and polyester. It comes in elegant colors. The pants offer a snug elegant fit that will not restrict your movement.

They feature supported knees and gusseted crotch for maximum comfort. These pants are good to wear on a hiking trip while climbing or hunting. The fabric is Teflon treated to repel liquids and stains. They also feature a lot of versatile pockets on the hip, rear, and knee in addition to cargo pockets. These are the best tactical pants to wear in harsh conditions. They are also suitable for some quality time with your friends. They feature an adjustable waistband for a comfortable fit. You will be able to walk, run, kneel and even crawl without feeling uncomfortable.


  • Elegant to wear tactical pants that are suitable for all activities.
  • The ripstop stretchy blend of cotton and polyester.
  • A snug elegant fit with an adjustable waistband for extra mobility and flexibility.
  • Teflon treated to repel stains and liquids.
  • A lot of pockets.


  • Some users reported that the colors tend to fade quickly.

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6) Men’s Convertible and Non-convertible Quick Dry Pants/Shorts for Hiking by Makino:

Dry Pants/Shorts for Hiking by MakinoIf you are looking for the best tactical pants that won’t cost a fortune, then these are the ones to pick. They are amazing and comfortable to wear whether you are hiking, running, hunting or rock climbing. They are made of sturdy spandex fabric.  It is too durable and will withstand puncture by a pointed stone. Moreover, it is very versatile and will dry up quickly after rain or crossing a river bed. The pants are breathable and will not sweat you in hot weather.

These pants offer sun protection. They will enable you to spend time in the wilderness without being burnt. At the same time, you can easily convert them to shorts when the weather gets too hot. They come in different colors and are very affordable.


  • Wonderful and comfortable tactical pants.
  • Made of durable spandex.
  • Breathable fabric that will not sweat you.
  • The fabric quickly dries up and offers sun protection.
  • It can be easily converted to shorts when the weather gets hot.


  • These pants run small.

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7)  BLACKHAWK! Men’s Lightweight Tactical Pants:

BLACKHAWK! Men's Lightweight Tactical PantsThese are very lightweight and versatile pants that are great value for the money. A lot of people prefer these pants over other models on the market because they are made of a durable cotton and polyester blend. The fabric is very flexible with a gusseted crotch for extra mobility. The pants come in 2 shades; navy and olive.

These are the best tactical pants if you want extra and useful storage. They are designed for easy access as the top opening pouches will allow you to reach your stuff quickly. They also feature zippered pockets outside the cargo pockets. The cargo pockets come with inside webbing to easily sort your things. You will always be able to reach your things right when you need them.

These are long-lasting tactical pants. The fabric is doubled in areas that will more likely show wear. The fabric is chemically treated to repel water and dry quickly.


  • Lightweight and versatile stretchy cotton and polyester blend.
  • A lot of pockets to keep everything safe. Top opening pockets for easy access with internal webbing to help you sort your things out.
  • Doubled fabric for more durability.
  • Chemically treated fabric to repel water and dry quickly.


  • The stay tuck band can rub against your skin.

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The most important thing about the best tactical pants is how appropriate they are with respect to your needs. Always consider the activities that you will more likely practice and the elements that you will face. Remember that tactical pants offer different kinds of protection. Your tactical pants are supposed to be different from your ordinary ones. Always consider the number of pockets and their design for easy access. Paying attention to these details will enable you to buy the most suitable tactical pants. we review many outdoor products like Shooting Glove.

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