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Best Hunting Backpack to Carry Everything for A Hunting Trip

Going on a hunting trip is a great experience. But to make the best of it, you need to ensure that you are fully equipped with the right tools.

Choosing the proper hunting backpack is essential for the success of your hunting trip and for spending quality time in the wild. This is why we have prepared this buying guide to help you choose the best hunting backpack.

There are a lot of products on the market and choosing the best hunting backpacks can be a little bit tricky. This is why it is essential to pay attention to what your backpack will offer and not just the price tag or the outer design.

The best hunting packs are different from other ordinary backpacks since they are designed to carry your weapons, your gear, and sometimes your catch as well.

Best Hunting Backpack

10 Best Hunting Backpack Reviews

1. ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

If you are looking for the best hunting backpack, then this is the one that you should consider. This is a pack that is designed with durability and quality in consideration. It will allow for easy access to all your gear and equipment.

Thanks to the organizational shelf pocket, everything you need will be at your fingertips. It features a large front and main pocket to secure your belongings and lower side mesh pockets for your other tools.

This hunting pack features an aluminum center for enhanced sturdiness and durability without compromising weight. At only 4 Ibs it is considered to be the best lightweight hunting pack. But don’t let the weight deceive you.

This pack has a capacity of 2700 cubic inches, enough to accommodate all your gear and equipment. It has a drop-down pocket to securely hold your gun or bow with quiver pockets on each side of the pack for easy access. It comes with a hydration port to use with your favorite water bladder and a raincoat to keep your gear dry.


  • A lightweight big hunting backpack.
  • Special pockets for your gun, bow, and quivers to keep your hands free
  • It can easily hang from a tree using the D- ring clip.
  • Padded shoulder harness and waist belt to minimize fatigue as you fully adjust the length of the pack to fit your body.
  • Aluminum center for extra durability.
  • Plenty of room.


  • Some users find that the hip strap doesn’t stay cinched.
  • The mesh pockets are not very sturdy, and you mustn’t put a lot of heavy stuff in them.

2. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

This is one of the top-rated hunting packs as it features high quality at an affordable price. When you are on the move, you need a backpack that will help you secure all your gear and equipment while keeping your hands free. This way you can easily walk or climb without worrying about your gear falling around.

This hunting backpack features a unique fastening system that will allow you to secure your rifle, bow, or crossbow easily. The front zippered wing pockets make this eligible to rank as the best hunting backpack and will keep all your gear in place while hauling into the wilderness and the quiver holder pockets allow for easy access on the move. It also features a spotting scope pocket and a hydration port.

There is a reason why most users consider this pack to be the best deer hunting backpack.  It features special and durable extension lashing straps that are specially designed to accommodate extra-large or bulky loads to minimize your trips back and forth to the base camp or truck.

In our hunting backpack reviews, we found out that this is one of the most durable packs since it is made of charcoal nylon ripstop fabric that will not tear under any condition. The bag attaches to a frame, and this can be used alone as a freighter frame. It features lower door access and a horizontal divider in addition to webbing loops that allow you to attach more gear.


  • Made of durable Ripstop fabric, giving you a long-lasting use in the harshest weather environments
  • Organize your gear in one of the many pockets: two side accessory hinged pockets, main, front, and spotting scope pocket
  • Keep your essentials close with accommodation for the clip-style holster, drop-down rifle pocket and hydration pocket, and port
  • Detach your bag and use the frame to haul out meat with a unique, secure lashing system


  • Durable sturdy fabric.
  • Weapon and quiver pockets for security.
  • Internal compartments and pockets for storage.
  • Lower door access.
  • The pack is fully removable
  • The frame can be used as a versatile freighter frame.


  • The clips have rings on them which make the pack rather noisy.
  • This might not be so comfortable if you are hunting in the summer with a light T-shirt on as the frame can press against the shoulders.

3. Monkey Paks Tactical Backpack

This is one of the best hunting bags that you can bring along for a three days trip. This fantastic backpack has a massive capacity in addition to a lot of MOLLE webbing that is enough to accommodate all your gear.

This US army style backpack is the one you should look for if you want one of the best hunting packs that would be big enough to keep all your gear and tools in place. You can easily sort your things into different pouches and pockets. This means that you will always have easy access to everything you need.

This hunting backpack is made for the toughest terrains because it is made of 600D sturdy nylon and big teeth zippers. This means that your backpack will not break or tear no matter how much you choose to stuff it. It also features a BPA free hydration bladder. Thanks to the 2.5 liters water bladder you will be able to sip as much as you want to.

You don’t need to clutter your closet with multiple backpacks because this is one of the best hunting bags that you can take on any hunting or camping mission.


  • A durable MOLLE US-style hunting backpack that is made of 600D sturdy nylon and big teeth zippers
  • A weatherproof pack with enough pouches and pockets for all your items.
  • A BPA-free hydration bladder.
  • Enough capacity to accommodate all your hunting equipment.
  • It comes with a small fanny or shoulder bag that will accommodate your small valuables and can be carried any way you like.
  • Weatherproof material.


  • The plastic buckles that hold the shoulder straps are not high-quality.
  • You can add more packs to the sides using Velcro which can be a bit noisy.

4. Eberlestock Halftrack Pack

Choosing a sturdy yet lightweight backpack is essential. This is why you have to go through different product features to find the best hunting day packs.  This is a lightweight pack that weighs only 6 Ibs but is very sturdy.

It is made of 1000 denier nylon that has an internal plastic and aluminum frame that provides more support and protection to the structure of the hunting pack.

This backpack features hand-sewn support, ventilation, and a padding system for extra durability. This is a versatile hunting pack that you can organize to suit your preferences. Carry two 3-liter bladders in the side pockets or mount two 2-liter bladders in the sleeves if you want to keep your side pockets free for any extra gear or equipment.

This is the best hunting backpack to use under different weather conditions as it comes with a durable rain cover that will go over the whole pack and even cover the weapon you carry.


  • A sturdy lightweight pack that is designed to carry heavy stuff.
  • A front loader hunting pack that is easy to use.
  • Two levels of pockets line the interior of the hunting pack.
  • Features a fold-down shelf that is designed to divide the main chamber into two main compartments
  • It comes with a rain cover.
  • Weapon and quiver pockets for security.


  • A lot of people think that the hunting pack is rather small

5. Eberlestock X2 Pack

When you are looking for the best hunting packs, you need to pay special attention to the quality of the material used. This is one of the best bowhunting packs as it is specially designed to accommodate your bow perfectly for the best hunting experience. But this pack is also perfectly designed to accommodate a shotgun or a full-scale hunting rifle.

This hunting backpack features an aluminum frame that is specially designed for sturdiness with extra pockets on the waist belt. It features a special pocket for the spotting scope and your tripod to ensure that you are enjoying your time in the wilderness. This might be a small hunting pack, but it has a lot of significant features. It comes with compression straps to accommodate heavy loads.

Don’t worry about getting thirsty as this pack features two hydration compartments. This is the best hunting backpack that also has a unique Ample Flex Chassis that can be flipped forward to use as a seat or to accommodate heavier loads.


  • A versatile hunting pack that can accommodate your bow, shotgun, or rifle for the best hunting experience.
  • An aluminum frame that will enhance its sturdiness without making the bag too heavy.
  • A unique chassis that can be flipped forward to use as a seat or utilized to accommodate heavier loads
  • Special pocket for your spotting scope or tripod.
  • Comfortable to carry with heavy loads.


  • The hydration bladder pockets are big, but the straps are too long so that the bladder might sag into the pocket.
  • The main compartment is not wide enough.

6. ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

Sometimes using a versatile pack is what you need when you are going on a hunting trip. This is the best hunting backpack to use if you are not into carrying something bulky.

This is a versatile design that will fit different weapons and can accommodate all your gear and equipment for an enjoyable experience in the wilderness. A lot of people think that this is the best hunting fanny pack because it can be changed into several designs.

This is a durable fanny pack that has a capacity of 13 liters and can be extended to a day pack with a capacity of 31 liters. With a total capacity of 44 liters, nothing can go wrong no matter how many things you choose to bring along on your hunting trip.

This is a hunting pack that has been designed by real hunters for hunting. It features a padded waist belt and a shoulder harness that is specially designed to keep you comfortable while carrying heavy loads by distributing the weights.

Use this pack in hauling or bow carrying mode to suit your needs. Your bow will be secured, and your hands will be free to carry anything you want or to climb freely.


  • A versatile design that can be used as a fanny pack or daypack for all your hunting needs.
  • The padded waist belt and shoulder harness to distribute weights.
  • It is more than one pack in one.
  • A weather-resistant material.
  • You can easily secure your bow.


  • A lot of people think that the stitching on the pockets could have been better.

7. ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

This is one of the best packs for elk hunting thanks to its special H design. This special design will help you carry heavy loads. This fantastic pack also features 1200 cubic inches of extra capacity to carry more meat loads or extra gear for your hunting experience.

This hunting pack features front zippered front pockets that will allow you to secure your weapons and extra gear. It also features a drop-down pocket.  you move into the wilderness. This is a rather light pack at a good price that will accommodate everything you need on a hunting trip.

This is the best hunting backpack because it is affordable and suitable for hiking as well as hunting. The main compartment is divided into several pockets and spaces to secure your weapons and your water bladder.


  • This can accommodate all your weapons and gear.
  • A special H design that will help you carry heavier loads without straining your body.
  • A drop-down pocket to secure your weapon.
  • Special internal compartments and external pockets for everything you need.


  • If you need a pack with extra internal pockets, then this might not be the one for you.

8. Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack

Are you looking for a versatile durable bag that you can carry around wherever you want to? Then think no more. This is one of the best packs that you can use in different terrains and for various activities.

This pack features a hybrid loading U zipper system so that you can use it as a top loader and panel loader for more convenience on any adventure. This means that you can gain easy access to all your gear comfortably.

This hunting pack features an aluminum frame with dynamic airflow to keep you comfortable while carrying it. This will keep your load stable and comfortable and is hydration compatible with extra water bottle pockets on the side.  This pack features a lumbar pad in addition to the foam waist belt for maximum comfort.


  • A sturdy pack that will accommodate medium loads comfortably.
  • Very lightweight design.
  • A hybrid loading system for more convenience.
  • An aluminum frame and airflow dynamic system for maximum comfort.
  • Two passes through pockets that will accommodate longer objects.


  • It might be too big if you have a shorter torso.

9. Kelty Redwing 44 Backpack

If you are looking for a lightweight, versatile pack, then look no more. This is the best hunting backpack that you can bring into the wilderness. It is best to bring it along on an international trip or the trail. This excellent backpack has a U-shaped design that makes it super easy to use however you choose to.

It features an aluminum frame and dynamic airflow to keep you comfortable as you move around carrying this backpack. It is hydration compatible so that you can stay hydrated on your day out. This is a rather light backpack that you can use to carry different gear and weapons.

Attach the compression straps or unclip them for your convenience. You can use different pockets at the front or the sides to accommodate everything you need. This hydration-compatible pack is the best to take on a day out.

This is one of the best hunting packs because it features a lumbar pad and a padded waist belt that will keep you comfortable even when you carry a heavy load.


  • An easy-to-carry back that you can comfortably carry.
  • An aluminum frame and dynamic airflow for maximum comfort.
  • A padded waist belt and a lumbar pad to keep you comfortable while carrying heavier loads.
  • Hydration-compatible pack.
  • Enough pockets and compartments for everything you need.


  • The top handle can be too thin if you fully load the pack.

10. Osprey Farpoint 40 Men's Travel Backpack

This is a big 46-liter backpack that can accommodate all your gear and equipment. This features a zippered accessory pocket that will allow for easy access to the main compartment.

The pack features an internal mesh pocket and an internal fabric pocket to keep all your weapons and gear organized. If you are looking for one of the best hunting packs, that you can use only on a day out or on a trip, then this might be the one that you should buy.

This backpack features padded sidewalls to keep everything in place so that, you can gain access to all your tools easily. It also has a shoulder harness so that you can comfortably carry heavy loads.

You can use this versatile bag while on a trip to carry your laptop or tablet. No matter how you fill this pack, the straight jacket compression straps will keep your load stable.


  • A versatile heavy-duty pack that you can use to accommodate all your gear and equipment.
  • Enough storage for all your belongings.
  • Features padded sidewalls and internal pockets and compartments for all your gear.
  • Shoulder harness for heavier loads.
  • Straightjacket compression will keep your load stable.


  • If you plan on walking long distances, you might feel tired carrying this pack.

What are the features of the best hunting packs?

Since you want to buy a durable, reliable product, you need to pay attention to a few points before deciding on the best hunting backpack:

  • The nature of your hunting trip: You need to confirm your backpack is designed for your trip, otherwise, you will not make the best of it. Day-type packs are different from packs that are designed for deep penetration into the wilderness. Take your type of hunting trip into consideration before you decide on the best hunting backpack. You feel just relaxed to carry this type of bag.
  • The size: Your pack should be big enough to accommodate all your gear and the equipment you will need on your hunting trip. The bag should also be designed so that you can put everything efficiently and in an organized way without wasting any space. Having different compartments and pockets is a great plus especially if you can adjust them or remove them in case you want more inner space
  • Torso length: You need to make sure that your hunting backpack fits your body perfectly. A huge pack might accommodate all your gear but might be a pain to carry. This is why you need to make sure that the backpack is suitable for your particular body type. The best hunting backpack will have multiple shoulders and waist straps so that you can adjust the length for your convenience.
  • The quality of zippers: This might seem like an inferior problem, but if you have ever gone hunting with bad zippers, you will know how important this is. Always choose a backpack that features high-quality zippers that will not bend, break, or malfunction while you are deep away into the wilderness. It is also important to choose zippers that open and close quietly for discretion while best hunting backpack.
  • The material: Good material is one of the main features of the best hunting packs. Depending on the nature of your hunting trip, you can choose the most suitable material for your backpack. Some bags are made using very sturdy material that will not break or tear but are still lightweight and easy to carry. You need to choose a quiet material that will not cause much noise as you sneak behind your prey. Choosing a waterproof and weatherproof backpack is a big plus while picking the best hunting backpack.

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You need to make sure that you are spending enough time and effort to find the best hunting backpack. With a lot of products on the market, you might want to spend some time studying the features of each product. The best hunting bag packs should combine quality with durability.

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