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How to Keep Feet Warm While Hunting: Top 11 Ways

Most hunters spend a lot of time in the woods and the cold in winter, but few take precautions to keep their feet warm. This mistake can lead to frostbite and other dangerous health problems. You must find a way to keep your feet warm while hunting in cold temperatures.

So, how to keep feet warm while hunting? It’s very simple, wear the right socks, use shoe wrap, take care of your toes, and use a good pair of boots.

If you’re one of those who enjoy hunting in cold weather, this article is for you. By following the suggestion mentioned here, you can stay warm and safe in freezing weather.

How to Keep Feet Warm While Hunting

Keeping your feet warm while hunting is no easy task. These simple tips will help you stay comfortable and warm your feet throughout the day.

1. Keep Your Blood Flowing

Untie your boot laces to allow blood to flow freely. The blood in your feet is a natural insulator to keep them warm.

Keep moving. Whether on snowshoes or with cross-country skis, never stop for anything! The more oxygen you’ve in your blood, your feet will be warmer once you stop.

2. Wear the Right Socks

While boots are essential in keeping your feet warm, you need a good quality sock to go with them. You’ll want one that will absorb moisture away from your feet.

  • Avoid Cotton Socks

Wearing cotton socks will only result in wet, cold feet. Cotton doesn’t wick moisture very effectively and won’t keep your feet as warm as you would like them to be.

  • Wool Socks

Wool socks provide an excellent level of insulation as well as being naturally antibacterial. It means that your feet will stay much more warm and dry when wearing wool socks.

  • Polypropylene Socks

These have the same wicking properties as wool but are typically more durable. Polypropylene is also more affordable than wool. That’s why you can wear them beneath the wool sock as an extra layer of protection.

  • Heated Socks

If you don’t want to wear anything on your feet and are willing to spend a few extra bucks, then heated socks are the way to go.

It’ll warm up the feet and give wick moisture from your feet. Some companies like ActionHeat make heated hunting boots and other products as well.

3. Have Comfortable and Dry Boots

You must have comfortable boots. If you’re uncomfortable in your boots, you won’t enjoy the experience and will eventually take them off.

It’s also vital that your boots are dry before putting them on. Wet boots won’t only be uncomfortable but can even cause frostbite.

Have dry, comfortable boots and socks that also dry quickly. Your feet will be warmer from the beginning of your day and throughout the hunt.

4. Take Care of Your Toes

In many cases, exposed toes can lead to frostbite in just a matter of minutes. Keep your toe warm by placing cotton in between your toes. This keeps your toes dry and warm and will help keep blisters at bay.

5. Blankets to Cover and Protect

Cover your feet with heated blankets when your boots don’t insulate your feet. A heated blanket has lower temperatures than an actual heating pad.

6. Use Boot Covers or Shoe Wraps

Boot covers are designed specifically for hunting boots and come in various styles, from plain cotton to fleece.

They’ll wick the moisture out of your boots, keeping them dry and toasty. Many hunters use boot covers and shoe wraps to help keep their feet warm.

7. Warming Packets for Direct Heat

If you’re hunting for an extended period, you may want to consider a warming packet. Place the material between your boots and socks. The heat will rise to 46 degrees Celsius.

8. Stay Hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated will help keep your blood flowing and warm. When there’s a lack of water in the body, the circulation slows down, and the blood goes where it is needed.

If this happens, you lose the ability to keep yourself warm. Always have a water bottle on hand when hunting in cold weather.

9. Use Foot Powder

Foot powder will keep your feet dry and prevent blisters. It prevents feet from sweating and will prevent you from having cold feet.

10. Keep Your Head Warm

During a long winter hunt, the ears and neck are usually the first parts of your body to freeze. It only takes a few minutes to freeze ears and a frozen nose outside in the cold.

Wear a hat. A hat will keep you warmer by keeping your head warm. Skinny outside the body loses heat faster than fat inside. A warm head will help blood flow to your feet.

11. Carry A Hot Water Bottle Or Hot Beverages

The best way to keep your feet warm is to bring some beverages and a hot water bottle. You can also try carrying your beverage of choice in a thermos or heat it from the packed stove.

It’ll keep your core temperature up, which will help protect against Hypothermia.


·       How do you keep your feet warm when you’re hunting?

You can do a bunch of things to keep your feet warm and dry while hunting. Here are some of our favorites: Wear wool socks, bundle up in a puffy coat, wear insulated boots and carry a hot water bottle.

·       How do you keep your feet from sweating while hunting?

Wear 2 pairs of socks and change them every other hour or so. Using foot powder also helps. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you don’t have sweaty feet when you go to sit on the stand.

·       Do waterproof shoes make your feet sweat?

Yes, waterproof shoes make your feet sweat because they trap heat in your body. The heat from your feet can cause excess sweat and sweat to accumulate in your shoes.

·       What keeps your feet the warmest?

Wool socks are one of the most common ways to keep your feet warm. Keeping the feet covered will help maintain a warm temperature throughout your body. This is why it is recommended that you keep a pair of wool socks on under thick pair, so your feet stay dry and warm.


If you’ve ever been out in the field hunting, you know that cold foot can harm your ability to hunt. Keeping your feet warm is key for any hunter who wants to remain stealthy during their hunt.

We hope that we’ve provided you with some valuable information about how to keep feet warm while hunting. Happy hunting!


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