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Best Hunting Rain Jackets 2022

Best Hunting Rain Jackets

A good hunting jacket will go with whatever outdoor endeavor you’re having, be it gunning for gobblers, high mountain deer hunting, or just simple camping in the freezing cold.

Really, you should select a jacket based on the weather and the activity you’re buying it for. Obviously, what works for the American west mountains won’t cut the chase for midwest areas and vice versa.

There are hundreds of hunting rain jackets in the marketplace. All are seemingly good but it’s hard to choose the best ones when there are numerous options. Luckily, we went out of our way and researched to get the best hunting rain jackets for you.

From this buying guide, you’ll get your waterproof hunting jacket, hunting raincoat, or even a hunting rain suit. You should be able to choose the best rain hunting gear that’s perfect for you.

Top 10 Best Hunting Rain Jackets Reviews


Unlike notorious hunting rain jackets, this Sitka downpour jacket is not noisy at all, makes sure you stay deadly quiet. It’s also 100% waterproof, has a 3 layer fabric that’s soft and breathable enhanced by gore-tex tech. The current price is $349 with all available sizes from small to 3X- large! This is one of the well-known waterproof hunting jackets for men.

Key Features

Different Fits: Based on your season and cause, the jacket’s available with three different fits. A P/F, also known as a performance fit, provides minimal layering. With its dead space, it ensures there’s efficient heat retention. This performance fit is ideal for early seasons huntings.

Then comes S/F or standard fit. This one is comparatively more versatile than P/F thanks to its accommodating layering. As the name suggests, it’s for both early and late seasons.

Lastly, we have E/F or expedition fit.

Protected Harness Passthrough: This hunting jacket’s harness passthrough keeps your harness safe and hidden and doesn’t interfere with your jacket’s hood. It keeps you safe and dry and ready!

100% Polyester: Beat the cold and heat from extreme climates with this polyester fabric. It’s comfortable, long-lasting, and lightweight. Even when it’s soaking wet rain pouring, this downpour jacket will save you from the discomfort of getting soaked.

GORE-TEX TECH: An extremely breathable lightly brushed face fabric covers the waterproof laminate making it easier to store and deploy. On top of that, it’s minimally built making this downpour jacket the best gore-tex hunting jacket on our list.


  • The Articulate fit gives extra comfort, especially in a seated position.
  • Easily machine washed
  • Available in all sizes
  • 100% waterproof and polyester
  • Always prepared for unpredictable situations with the harness safety feature.
  • Provides maximum motion range with fitted arms.


  • Mainly for men
  • Comparatively costly

2. Rivers West Men’s Hunting Waterproof Ambush Jacket.

The first waterproof hunting jacket that uses seam sealing technology with real fleece is River West’s this ambush jacket. This fleece is 100% genuine and real making the fabric as soft and breathable as possible. On top of that, this jacket is specifically best for colder regions packed with high technology.

Negotiate your way in the woods perfectly with the low-charged magnetized cargo pockets. They do not interfere with your GPS, mobile phones, or any other electronics that you’re carrying. If you’re looking for utmost comfort, this is the best hunting rain gear for you!

Key Features

Advanced Waterproof Fleece: Get the most genuine and only real fleece fabric that’s waterproof. The ambush has a 5. 2 oz fleece exterior with an interior lining of 9. 4 oz sherpa-fleece. The exterior contains microfleece for the best results.

Large visor hood: There are 3 adjustments available for the zipper off visor hood that’s large enough to cover a ball cap if worn with it! It disperses rain from your hoodie completely protecting your face from excess water dripping on your face.

Hands-free Access: The jacket features sling-gripper shoulders that allow you to use your binoculars and access to cross obstacles of all sorts. Bend 30-degree in any direction without touching your sling.

Magnetized Cargo Pockets: Now you don’t have to worry about any noisy velcro or snap pics to search anything. These low-charged magnetics will refer from interfering with your GPS or mobile phone.

Cooling zipper vents: The two underarms zipper vents get rid of body heat and let the air in giving a cooling relief to the body. It protects you from overheating.


  • Prevents your vision in heavy rainfall
  • Hands-free access for more efficiency
  • Cooling relief prevents overheating
  • Easy machine wash
  • 100% windproof and waterproof
  • Made with real fleece.


  • For males only
  • The fleece in the jacket keeps it extra warm only suitable for cold weather.

3. Kryptek Jupiter Waterproof, Breathable and Packable Jacket.

A wonderful breathable windbreaker jacket that packs easily into its zippers and pouch pockets. This hunting jacket is easy and quick to go with. It’s unisex, works great for both males and females, and is also packed with some efficient features.

You get style infused with high-level technology and performance quality rain jacket for only $76.01 – $164.61 at the moment. Kryptek Jupiter Jacket is 87% polyester with 13% Elastane, wind-resistant and waterproof, comfortable to wear, easy to wash, and so on, making this one of the best rain suits for hunting.

Key Features

Suitable for all seasons: With their years of experience in combat and knowledge of backcountry, Kryptek made this hunting jacket ready for all sorts of weather and situations. Be it your intense hunting or a mountain hiking camp, this hunting jacket can ace it all.

Efficient Fishing Wear: The textile and of the jacket and the fishing collection ensures there’s enough durability and comfort during active fishing.

Tactical design: Both huntress and hunters get to wear this camouflage jacket. It’s specifically designed differently for males and females ensuring both get utmost comfort and can hunt efficiently.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 100% weatherproof and dries off easily
  • Adjustable closure available
  • Easy machine washed
  • Available for both genders
  • Both jacket and pants are seams taped.


  • Not shock proved
  • Imported
  • Not 100% polyester

4. ScentBlocker Drencher Men’s Camo Rain Jacket.

Built for any outdoor pursuit be it the ATV, turkey hunt to midway predator hunts, or a simple chilly sit-in the camping to western forays for elk, this rain camo jacket keeps you protected, comfortable, and efficient. Versatile jacket infused with high technologies to ensure you get the best performance in any environment, ideal for all seasons. Moreover, this jacket is affordable, it’s basically a Cheap rain jacket that’s also very high quality.

Key Features

Drencher Gear: The jacket is packed with drencher gear that contains soft brushed tricot fabric to repel snow, rain and, strong winds. It keeps your body dry and warm. There are also taped seams that prolong your ability to stay drier.

Odor Control: The jacket uses s3 silver technology for scent blocking. It prevents the odor to form giving you the upper hand in cleaner clothing.

Adjustable Hood: Features a 3 piece hood that’s adjustable and breathable. It also utilizes a full front zip containing storm flaps that ensure easy dressing and protection from heavy rain, wind, and other elements of nature.

Lightweight and versatile: Breathable and versatile textile fabric of the jackets evaporates the sweat and keeps you cool, ideal for very high temperatures too.


  • Snap closure pockets keep the jacket protected
  • Breathable and protects from overheating
  • Adjustable hood for the best comfort and performance
  • Fresher and cleaner with the scent blocking
  • Completely waterproof and weatherproof.


  • Comparatively complicated care
  • Not shockproof.

5. FROGG TOGGS Men’s Pilot II Jacket.

Suitable for both early season and late season huntings with its internal zippers that hold the Co-Pilot liner perfectly. Frogg Toggs men’s pilot II also provides two upper chest pockets that are zippered, two bellow pockets that are expandable, and lastly, two handwarmer pockets made in the traditional style.

All these are so that you can carry and store outdoor necessities. It’s also equipped with an adjustable, breathable hood, internal magnetic dump pockets, and so on Easily makes this the best rain suit for hunting if you’re looking for more storage to carry stuff.

Key features

Maximum Storage: Get maximum storage with two upper chest pockets that are zippered, two bellow pockets that are expandable, two handwarmer pockets packed with internal dump pockets that are also Zip-closure.

Adjustable hood: There’s an externally adjustable cuff strap that’s in hook and loop style. There are also adjustable internal neoprene cuffs.

Breathable fabric: Wear this raincoat with utmost comfort, it’s 100% polyester and zipper closure styled.


  • Zipped Copilot liner makes sure you can hunt in all weather.
  • Adjustable
  • Beefy splash-resistant zipper
  • fleece-lined chest pockets along with several other pockets
  • Extra storage by a magnetic closure.


  • Not weatherproof
  • Only for men.

6. BASSDASH Walker Fishing Hunting Wading Jacket.

For the best concealment, Bassdash has implemented patented Dissolve Blac. You can hunt in peace during nighttime now. The jacket is as comfortable as it can be with being fully taped seamed, breathable, waterproof. Heavy-duty yet lightweight. Available for both men and women this chic jacket protects you in any weather with storm flaps, is soundproof, and versatile. It’s designed and tested to be ideal for fishing, so this is an all-in-one sort of hunting jacket.

Key Features

DESOLVE BLAK Camouflage: Naturally you’d think black is the best color for sneaking in and blending in the nighttime. In reality, it’s not suitable when you’re hunting. Black outlines create obvious silhouettes. To eliminate this effect, DESSOLVE BLAK is there. It utilizes and creates numerous shapes and outlines to confuse the eye and help you blend into darkness completely.

Maximum Agility: Fully taped seams, 2 handwarmer pockets that are brushed with tricot, 2 external chest pockets, 2 spacious front pockets, 1 inside chest pocket; secured and zippered. All these give you the scope to hold multiple objects at a time making it easy to move quickly.

100% Rainproof: Unlike notorious hunting jackets, this one has double storm flaps in place of one. Making it more efficient in blocking out the rain. The jacket is waterproof too.

Additional Features: Adjustable wrist cuffs, button flaps on front pockets, and even sunglasses wipe equipped in the chest pocket.


  • Enhanced concealment hides you perfectly in the dark
  • Available for both genders
  • Spacious with multiple pockets
  • Zipped closure with some button flaps
  • Adjustable wrists and cuffs
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • 3 layers of heavyweight keep you extra protected.


  • Not shock proved
  • No 5X sizes are available.

7. FROGG TOGGS Men’s Classic Jacket

The FROGG TOGGS  jacket is 100% polyester making it very versatile in multiple scenarios. It comes with a zipper closure with internal and external storm flaps, along with adjustable wrist closures keeping all moisture out.

Get even more versatile with the newly open waist design. The E-Z cord locks provide utmost security giving you the perfect tailored fit. The jacket also features traditional zipped hand warmers, storm flappers to block rain completely, and a tuck-away hood for maximum comfort and storage.

Key Features

Full-zip front with storm flaps: The rain jacket has a full front zip with storm flaps both outside and inside which protects from any water or moisture to get in even in harsh weather. Apart from this, all of the outer sides are seamed off to make the jacket waterproof.

Fully taped seams: This jacket is fully sealed seam equipped with classic non-woven fabric making it waterproof and comfortable.

Enhanced Versatility: With the new open waist design, you get enhanced performance, versatility, and comfort along with agility.

Polymer zippers: The jacket features molded polymer zippers along with an adjustable hood, zippered pockets as hand warmers, and storm flappers to block out rain.


  • Extra agile and versatile
  • Handwarmers works great
  • Waterproof efficiently with storm flappers
  • Tailored fit
  • Multiple colors are available.


  • Only for men
  • Only up to 3X size available.

8. Badlands Catalyst Rain Jacket

Packed with innovative technology, performance, and superior quality this Catalyst Rain Jacket will not fail to leave an impression on you. It’s 100% weatherproof, portable, equipped with heatwave technology to keep you warm in cold weather, and probably the best, groundbreaking camo. Badlands promises a lifetime warranty and they will fix any sort of damage to the jacket.

Key Features

APPROACH FX CAMO: With a darker tone, this advanced FX camo conceals perfectly regardless of your surroundings and lightning. Suitable for both early and late seasons and designed perfectly to blend in with the dark, be it in the midwest or eastern hunting.

Unique Heatwave technology: Badland’s innovative heatwave technology stores and reverts your body heat back to you with the help of its ceramic lining. Keeps you warm in cold weather.

Portable and Efficient: Pack and toss this gear anywhere, anytime. There are also adjustable hoods, compressible sleeves, and quiet outer lining that won’t spook your prey.

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty: The most unique feature of Badlands is that they provide an unlimited lifetime warranty. They will fix any damage done to the jacket for free.


  • 100% windproof and waterproof
  • Groundbreaking concealment
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Comfort from cold weather
  • Built to perform
  • Portable and secured.


  • For men only
  • No storm flappers.

9. Carhartt Men’s Buckfield Jacket

Soft and versatile shell hunting jacket stays extra quiet while you’re hunting. It’s 9.7 ounces 100% polyester providing maximum comfort. There’s a magnetic closure to hold and secure your map. The hem is a drop-tail styled and is equipped with an adjustable drawcord. The jacket is easy to wash, has adjustable closure, anti-odor zipped closure with a detachable hood. What more do you need for light hunting gear?

Key features

Anti-odor: The jacket’s fabric contains anti-odor properties making you more sneaky to the prey and fresher.

100% Polyester: The shell has 9.7-ounce polyester fabric that is 100% polyester soft and breathable.

Water repellent: Ideal for hunting in the rain as it is durable in heavy rainfall. The jacket is water repellent, protects you from rainwater.

Adjustable: Contains detachable hood. You can take it off whenever you want! There’s also magnetic closure for the map so you don’t lose your way during the hunt.


  • Zipped closure gives you more security
  • Anti-odor
  • Quiet
  • 100% polyester
  • Softshell that’s versatile
  • Rainproof
  • Detachable hood.


  • Not weatherproof
  • No harness
  • Only for men

10. FROGG TOGGS Rain Jacket

The Frogg Toggs Men’s Java Troads is an ultra-lightweight waterproof rain jacket featuring Frogg Toggs’s innovative breathable fabric. Apart from that, it’s 100% polyester, zipper closure with both internal and external storm flaps, and adjustable wrists.

Be it intense weather conditions or harsh terrains the 2.5 layer jacket got you covered in all of them. As functionality and dependability are the topmost priority, you get additional features like camo which helps you get up close and personal with your subjects in wildlife. For this price point look no further for the best rain camo jacket as this is what the Frogg Toggs Men’s Java Troads offers!

Key Features

Frogg Toggs Breathable fabric: Frogg Toggs’s innovative fabric makes the product fully breathable while being fully waterproof, wind-resistant, and lightweight.

Ultralightweight: The jacket provides all the features while being weighed at 15.2 Ounces and is versatile. It’s also very easy to pack into your gear set.

Adjustable Hood: The rain jacket consists of a fully adjustable hood with an E-Z push cord which gives you the most comfortable waterproof experience.

Multi-purpose pockets: Pockets are fully waterproof and act as both ample storage and as nice hand warmers.

Camo print: The rain camo jacket comes with a camouflaged print which provides additional functionality on the field.


  • Price point.
  • Made with Frogg Toggs breathable fabric that helps maintain a comfortable body temperature.
  • Versatile in warm and cold conditions.
  • It is ultralight and packable.
  • The jacket is comfortable and easy to fit in.
  • Storm flaps allow opening or closing the jacket in weather conditions without letting moisture in.
  • Zippered handwarmer pockets protect hands while also providing ample storage.
  • A stuff sack is included for easy toting.


  • It’s only available for males.
  • This is a softshell jacket that might not be everyone’s preference.


  1. Why do you need a Rain Jacket?

The rain jacket is one of the best hunting rain gear as it not only provides waterproof features but also from harsh weather conditions and terrain while being versatile, lightweight, and functional.

Rain is a wildcard in hunting which can make the experience of hunting miserable if you’re not equipped with proper hunting rain jackets. The Best rain suits for hunting keep you dry and warm, provide multiple layers of protection, and often come with camouflage which is vital.

In long hunting sessions, rain and moisture from surroundings can dampen your body, continuously draining the heat from your body which can lead to exhaustion, and in colder harsher conditions may lead to hypothermia. Which in turn makes the hunter less dexterous and possesses health hazards giving overall a horrible time.

This is where waterproof hunting rain jackets come in, providing waterproof apparel and thermal insulation, which helps avoid such circumstances. The best hunting rain suits also provide decent impact protection as well as the jacket itself being more durable. Due to such utilities and the functions that a hunting raincoat provides, it’s currently essential in any hunter’s arsenal.

  1. What are Hiking rain conditions?

Hiking in the rain can prove to be very hazardous. After it rains, the tracks become damp and muddy which inevitably leads to mishaps like falling down. Without a proper Waterproof hunting jacket, you face health and environmental risks. As it rains, the pace goes down and causes extensions to your hiking session.

Which in itself proves to be more exhausting. Factoring into account how rain can be draining on our bodies, it becomes nearly impossible to hike without the proper Waterproof jacket. Rain in hiking also causes other conditions like making water slogs and converting mild damp lands into marshlands which prove to be very challenging to hike in.

Every footstep requires more energy in such conditions which are far from acceptable to be hiking in.

  1. How much does a rain jacket cost?

The cost of a hunting rain jacket depends on many factors which bring up multiple price points. For the sake of simplicity, we can assume a good rain jacket to cost around $100-$150. We will now be going over 3 price points that encapsulate most of the best hunting rain gear.

The entire price range varies from just below $50 to $400 and a little above. At the $50 price range, you can expect 100% Polyurethane, Nylon, and Polyester materials with solid non-breathable options. Most hunters prefer non-breathable as it is a 100% waterproof option, for which this price range can seem appealing. But, at the given range, it definitely misses out on protective layers as most of the jackets come as thin compared to higher-budget ones.

Moving up to a price range that is the best for the buyer’s range is the $150 price point. This range encompasses everything from the previous range and also supplements with some of its own unique features. Here we can find the Best Gore-Tex Hunting jackets.

Gore-Tex is an innovative fabric that has very high water repellant abilities while being breathable which helps with sweating during hunts. Also, the Hunting Raincoats at this range have an average of 2.5 and sometimes even 3 layers, which provides a very necessary level of protection.

Also, a little above the range, we can find all these features equipped into a Rain Camo Jacket which provides the added benefit of a Camouflage print. If your budget allows, this is hands down the best area to shop in. And finally, the upper echelon of the Hunting Rain Jackets is the $300-$400 price range.

Here, the features come as diminishing returns compared to the prices. This retail value often brings niche features that often cater to very specific groups of people.

  1. How to check your rain jacket quality?

When it comes to finding the best rain suit for hunting, the first step is to take the tests conducted by different brands self-proclaiming their product’s elevated quality with a grain of salt. Oftentimes different terms like “Breathability testing” mean nothing as none of the brands actually have any proper scientific testings which prove such claims.

Your best bet is understanding what these fabrics and the features of your jacket come with. Every variation in the features following is stated in ascending order of price, which should help you a better estimate if you’re getting what you are paying for. Firstly we need to know how many layers a jacket has, it’s usually 2 being the most casual, 2.5 which is the most compact and versatile, and 3 layers which are the most durable meant for peak performance.

Then we come to fabrics, it can be either a fully waterproof hunting jacket (Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane) or a “Breathable” jacket if it has Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish (Gore-Tex), you should buy according to your needs. Some breathable jackets also come with vents which amplifies the breathability.

Next comes tapered seams, these are vital in all openings to get a jacket that is actually waterproof. Also, when checking for quality, it’s essential to check for waterproof pockets and the zippers closely. The zippers can be waterproof as they have rubber coating or any water repellant mechanism.

Pocket hoods or flaps also enable the use of pockets during rain without allowing water in. Understanding all these factors, anyone can pick up the best hunting rain gear within their own limited budget.

  1. Which jacket is most suitable for you?

With so many options available at hand it might become difficult to actually understand which Hunting raincoat is the best waterproof hunting clothes for you. The first major thing to do is to understand the conditions you will be going into and potentially, what conditions you will face.

If you are going to a harsh dry weather condition then the breathable fabric can be the best fit for you as it’s excellent in diverging sweat from your body. Then again if you’re preparing for a hunt in a rainforest, going non-breathable is the best option.

As a general rule of thumb sticking to 2.5 layers of protection will be okay for any condition. For such importance, every small factor like the number of pockets, the shell of the jacket, etc. must be assessed before buying the hunting raincoat that you need.


Hopefully, this guide will come to your aid in choosing the best hunting rain gear for you. Get a quality rain jacket from this article and make your hunting experience worthwhile!

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