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How to Determine Your Arrow Length

How to Determine Your Arrow Length

Buying the archery equipment for the first time can be exciting but determining and aiming the target requires a lot of effort, especially for the beginner. However, in the case of archery, a proper length or arrow not only aids one to hit the target properly but the same is further considered a major safety issue.

With an improper length of the best arrow, you are raising the risk of injury and unpredictable accidents. Therefore, it is a must to ascertain how long your arrows should be.

The basic thing to consider before opting for an archery shooting is to avoid drawing the arrow too short as a short arrow may fall back leading to an injury to your body.

It is advisable for the beginner to maintain the length of the arrow large unless you are well-versed and trained with the same. Let’s discuss some simple methods to determine the length of an arrow.

Beginner guide – How long your arrows should be

Generally, a beginner finds it troublesome to commence archery and aim at their very first target properly. Thus, it is essential, to begin with, the arrow that is at least 3 inches away from your access.

This step assures your safety against dropping off the arrow balance while the bow is overdrawn.

  • Hold the arrow in a position in which your index finger is placed under your jaw and make sure to avoid the overdrawing of the bow. Maintain the same position until your supporter point the arrow shaft at the desired target. Moreover, it is better to prefer a lightweight bow to easily held the arrow and make several attempts without feeling tired.
  • Even those possessing sufficient experience in archery must opt for drawing the arrow in the reverse of the bow riser. Similarly, to ensure safety, the beginners must maintain the length of the bow at least 3 inches back of the bow riser.
  • The next step is to take away the arrow and compute the gap between your mark and the nock grove hole.

Measuring the arrow length using tape

This technique of ascertaining the arrow length requires a supporter and a measuring tape. Follow the below-listed steps to calculate the accurate length of an arrow

  • Begin with maintaining the anchoring posture (index finger placed below the jaw bone).
  • Hold the tape with one of your arms and ask your supporter to extend the same to the thumb of your hand. Make sure that your forearm should be corresponding to the shoulder line.
  • Do not twist your wrist while marking the bow to the made-up target
  • Calculate the distance of arrow shaft length. Also, note one additional inch to the measurement.

Position to avoid the shortening of bow length

The top-most necessity of posture is that your shoulder and hips should be aligned with the way of the target. Apart from positioning your hips and shoulders, it is necessary to know that your bow-arm shoulder must not be raised up towards the ear as it is another factor that may lead to the shortening of your arrow length.

In short, do not move your shoulders upward, avoid moving your chin forward, and make sure to stretch your bow arm forward to ensure the safe yet top-most shot.

Following the above-mentioned archery postures, the archer can learn to practice the right shot. At the same, it is important to avoid the steps that can either lead to shortening the arrow length or overdrawing the bow as these can even lead to critical injuries.

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