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Best Hunting Arrows Reviews in 2020

As a matter of fact, whether you are using a compound bow, a longbow or a recurve bow finding the best hunting arrows is the key to success. Hunters of different levels of expertise might find it challenging to choose the best arrows since there are a lot of products available for sale.

Whether you are an amateur weekend warrior or someone who thinks that they are the next Robin Hood, buying and choosing the best hunting arrows can take your hunting experience from just MEH to WOW! All you have to do is to make sure that you understand what you are looking for. If you need to gain some knowledge about how to choose the best hunting arrows, then you’ve come to the right place. Now you can think, which arrow is best for you.

How to choose the best hunting arrows?

Choosing the best hunting arrows can be confusing, mainly because there are a lot of options that are designed to cater for every need. For beginners, the process can be that overwhelming that it might put them off the whole archery thing. When you choose the wrong arrows, chances are that your archery practice or hunting trip might not as successful as you wish.

For this reason, there are a few factors that you need to take into consideration to be able to choose the best hunting arrows. Having the right arrow will take your archery experience to the next level:

The arrow material:

Traditionally speaking, arrows were made of wood. But today the world is by far more versatile for the modern archer. You can find hunting arrows made from aluminum, carbon, and fiberglass. There is something nostalgic about using wood arrows. They are also very budget-friendly. But as a drawback, they need regular maintenance to keep them in good shooting condition. They might need straightening every now and then especially when they hit the ground or due to improper handling. They are rather quiet and light. This means that they will provide a decent speed.

If you are looking for a more durable option then you might want to stick to carbon arrows. They are far more durable and can take a lot of abuse. Carbon doesn’t break easily, but you should always keep your eye on the ends to make sure that there are no cracks. Carbon is lighter than wood but carbon arrows are so versatile. There are a lot of options and weight systems if you are looking for deeper penetration.

Aluminum arrows are heavier, more durable and dependable. They can be fine-tuned. They will offer deeper penetration than other options. Aluminum can be easily straightened without breaking. Fiberglass is another appealing option, especially for beginners. Fiberglass arrows are rather heavy and very durable.

Arrow spine and length:

You need to consider the bow you are using to make sure that you are picking the right arrow spine and length.  The best target arrows for a compound bow, will not work with a longbow. You might find some numbers written on the side of the bow but these might be different from the real draw length and the pull weight.

The process used to be a little bit complicated in the past but thanks to the improvement in designs and technology, it became a lot easier. As a rule of thumb, if your draw length is 28 inches, you should never get arrows that are longer than 29 inches.

The spine of your arrow is the measurement of the deflection of the shaft; which means how much your shaft would bend. Lighter bows will bend more and will be better for lower weight bows. Stiffer ones are better for heavyweight bows. You also need to understand that the longer the arrow, the weaker the spine.

Your shooting needs and preferences:

When you are target shooting, you basically need a lighter arrow. Bow hunters who are after live targets usually stick to heavier arrows for deeper penetration. Smaller diameters will also provide deeper penetration with less wind drift.

Wood arrows can also come in a number of stains, while fiberglass arrows usually come in black. Carbon and aluminum arrows keep on changing colors and patterns from one year to another.

What are the best hunting arrows on the market?

In this section, we have tested and reviewed some of the best arrows for hunting. All you have to do is go through the product features to choose the one that suits your needs and shooting style.

1) Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows with Dynamic Spine Control and Blazer Vanes, 6-Pack:

best arrow maxima

best arrow

If you are looking for the best carbon arrows for hunting, then these are the ones that you should consider.

Product features:

  • Get ready for the hunting season with these durable carbon arrows that feature a dynamic spine. They are designed to shoot more precisely and fly better. The arrows come fletched with precision nocks to deliver a broadhead with pinpoint accuracy.
  • These are laser checked for straightness. This means that they are more precise than other arrows on the market. The stiffer ends are designed to reduce flexing.
  • Light yet sturdy arrows. They can handle a lot of abuse and will still stay in good condition.
  • It comes in a pack of 6 red and black arrows that are sorted and matched by spine and weight. They are also budget-friendly. The arrows would definitely be suitable for a beginner who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on expensive arrows.


  • Budget-friendly high-quality carbon arrows.
  • Durable and designed for pinpoint accuracy while shooting.
  • Lightweight yet very sturdy. You will have reliable results every single time.
  • Laser checked for straightness.
  • Stiff ends to reduce flexing.


  • Some users reported inconsistency while shooting as you move from one arrow to another.

2) TenPoint Crossbows 20″ Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack) (HEA-620.6):

Pro Elite Carbon Crossbow Arrows

You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy the best archery arrows. These are the best hunting arrows if you are on a tight budget and still want to use high-quality arrows every time.

Product features:

  • They are the best carbon arrows designed for accuracy and consistency, one shot after another. Moreover, they are fitted with 68 Grain Aluminum inserts and microgrooves that eliminate the indexing problem.
  • The channel holds the bowstring in place and this, in turn, eliminates the problem of shoot-over or shoot-under.
  • They are the best arrows for precise results, as they lose 8.9% of the speed over 50 yards.
  • The shaft of each arrow is hand-inspected for straightness and tested for weight and tolerance. When you buy this pack you are buying arrows that are meant to last for long. They are designed to give reliable and consistent results every time you use them.


  • High-quality and durable carbon arrows with Aluminum inserts.
  • Cheaper than other products on the market.
  • Microgrooves to eliminate the indexing and the shoot-over or shoot-under situation.
  • Designed for precision and consistency.
  • Hand inspected for straightness and weight.


  • Some users reported problems with the fletch.

3) ANTSIR Outdoors Carbon 30-Inch 7.8mm Shaft Removable Arrows with Field Points Replaceable Tips for Recurve & Compound Bow( Pack of 12):

 Removable Arrows with Field Points Replaceable Tips

There is something special about the durability of this pack that makes these the best-hunting arrows in the market. They are very well built with stress on quality.

Product features:

  • Strong and lightweight carbon arrows. They are 30 inches in length. The walls are extra strengthened for more durability and deeper penetration.
  • You receive a pack of 12 high-quality arrows for a very decent price. This is the best option for beginners and archers who are on a tight budget.
  • They are precisely matched with replacement field points, target penetration and optimal accuracy.
  • The arrows come with colored plastic fletching and permanent nickel-plated stainless steel tip for target practice.
  • Nocks on your arrows are not glued. This means that they can be easily adjusted for your particular bow.


  • Highly affordable pack of 12 arrows.
  • 30 inches of carbon arrows with extra strong walls for higher durability and deeper penetration.
  • Matched with replacement field points and optimal accuracy.
  • Nickel-plated stainless steel tip for target practice.
  • Nocks can be easily adjusted for your bow as they are not fixed by glue.


  • The tip comes out if the arrow hits a hard object.
  • The tip is not very sharp. They might not be the best arrows for hunting but they are very good for target practice.

4) Excalibur Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows (for Matrix) 6pk:

Carbon Arrows

These are the best recurve bow arrows that anybody can buy. They are high-quality, durable and designed to give precise and accurate results in different shooting conditions.

Product features:

  • This pack features high-quality 18 inches arrows that are designed specifically for compact recurve crossbows. The arrows are highly versatile and can be fitted with fixed and mechanical broadheads.
  • Each arrow features 2 vanes and a heavier front insert. The insert is designed to increase the front of center weight for improved accuracy while shooting.
  • Each arrow also features a flatback insert which eliminates the need for nocks. This gives you more reliable contact with the string for easy shooting and more precision.
  • Although they might be more expensive than other models on the market, they are very well made. These carbon arrows are designed to handle abuse and rough treatment. You don’t have to worry about them breaking since they are built to last for long.


  • 18 inches arrows especially designed for recurve crossbows.
  • Durable carbon arrows that won’t break or shatter with use.
  • Each arrow features 2 vanes.
  • A front insert to improve accuracy while shooting.
  • A flatback insert to eliminate the need for nocks and give more contact with the string.
  • Precise results every single time.


  • They are a bit on the pricey side.

5) Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows 20″ Aluminum Crossbow Arrows (6 Pack) (WRE010.6):

Aluminum Crossbow Arrows

Aluminum is one of the lightest metals out there but it is still very durable and sturdy. When you are looking for reliable bow hunting arrows, you want to make sure that your arrows are light, fast and precise.

Product features:

  • Affordable pack of 20 inches aluminum arrows. Advanced and more reliable Omni-nocks to avoid the accidents of improper loading. The Omni-nocks design features 6 small grooves that later form 3 bowstring channels. This multi-channel string alignment makes the Omni-nocks a better option than the moon and captures nocks, especially when it comes to indexing issues.
  • The shafts of these arrows feature special CPC inserts. They are also fletched with a slight offset with noise eliminating material. These are very quiet, sharp and precise for the best hunting or target shooting experience.
  • The arrows are tapered from base to top to improve the size to weight ratio. This, in turn, allows you to shoot better with greater precision every single time.
  • Although they are quite light, these are the best arrows for deer hunting due to their design and the way they are well made.


  • High-quality light aluminum arrows.
  • Special Omni-nocks design to eliminate errors and indexing problems.
  • Special CPC inserts in the shaft.
  • The noise eliminating the material for the best shooting experience.
  • Good value for money.


  • The vanes tend to peel off easier than other brands.

6) Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows:

Bear Archery Youth Safetyglass Target Arrows

Fiberglass arrows are quite affordable and easy to use. These arrows are rather heavy which makes them very durable and probably the best hunting arrows for beginners.

Product features:

  • With a lot of varieties to choose from, you can pick up the number of arrows you need. Each card comes with durable and high-quality fiberglass arrows. They are very well built and will not break or bend.
  • These arrows are the safest to use. Unlike wood, fiberglass doesn’t splinter. It stays intact for multiple uses. This makes them the best hunting arrows for beginners who are still experimenting with the world of shooting.
  • They are ready to use. If you are not an archery expert, you would still have the best time with this set of fiberglass arrows. The nock and points are already installed and pre-fletched with vanes to minimize errors.
  • You can pick the size the suits your bow as they come in a big range of sizes. Choose the most suitable one and enjoy the accuracy and precision every single time.
  • They are safe to use. You can even give them to your child who is still taking the first steps towards becoming a professional archer.


  • Affordable and high-quality fiberglass arrows.
  • Different sizes to choose from.
  • Will not break or splinter. They are built to last.
  • Nock and points are already installed to minimize hassle.


  • The tips tend to come off easily. But some glue is enough to have this issue solved.

7) Hunting door Black Feather Wooden Shaft Hunting Arrows with A-803 arrowhead 150grain:

Black Feather Wooden Shaft Hunting Arrows

There is nothing that goes out of style when it comes to the best hunting arrows. These old-school arrows are for people who want to enjoy a glimpse of the past with the accuracy of modern-day technology.

Product features:

  • High-quality wood arrows that are suitable for 40 to 60 Ibs. draw weight. They are good to use with long or recurve bows.
  • The metal arrowhead allows for deep penetration while the wood shaft keeps the arrow light and reliable. Don’t be afraid to shoot them even against a wall. The heads will come clean and in great condition every single time.
  • They are designed to make you enjoy the glory of the past, not the hardships. They are always on point as they come nocked, fletched and all set to go. Just take them out of your quiver and enjoy the experience.
  • They are perfect for target practice or bow hunting. They will not work with a compound bow but they will deliver what they promise.


  • Classical wood arrows that work with long or recurve bows.
  • Great for hunting or target practice.
  • A sharp metal head that can be lethal although the arrow is quite light thanks to the wood shaft.
  • They come nocked, fletched and ready to use.


  • Some of the users reported that the feathers on the arrows look quite fake. But the arrows themselves are very well made.

8) Parker Crossbow Bolts 6pk:

Parker Crossbow Bolts 6pk

Finding the best arrows for the compound bow can be a bit tricky. But these great arrows offer a good solution to a difficult dilemma. They are good to use with compound bows or with their cousins; the crossbows.

Product features:

  • A wonderful pack of 6 arrows that will work great up to the weight of 175 Ibs. These are hassle-free arrows that are ready to use right away. They come with pre-install nocks and inserts so that you can start using them right away.
  • They are the perfect length and weight to shoot your targets with great precision. Moreover, they feature internal Aluminum inserts to improve performance.
  • These arrows are made of carbon which is known to be very durable. They will not break or bend like the arrows made of wood and will be good to use for as long as you need them to. These sturdy arrows are built to handle the power and speed of modern bows.
  • They are designed to take your bow to the next level of performance. Whether you are into hunting or target shooting, they are designed to improve the quality of your experience.


  • 6 high-quality and sturdy carbon arrows in one pack.
  • Aluminum inserts to improve performance.
  • Nocks and inserts are pre-installed.
  • Compatible with a lot of crossbows and compound bows out there.
  • Precise and accurate.


  • They are quite expensive.

9) Excalibur Firebolt Carbon Arrows 20 in.6pk 22CAV-6:

Firebolt Carbon Arrows

Everybody who is looking for high-quality arrows should consider buying this set. It is made by one of the most leading brands using excellent and reliable materials.

Product features:

  • Say goodbye to hassle and preparation. These arrows are designed to work on the spot. You don’t have to install nocks since the flat end makes them very precise and accurate.
  • Made from high-quality carbon that won’t break or bend. These arrows will last for long and can be used over and over again with no problem whatsoever.
  • When you are looking for the best hunting arrows, you should focus on quality and reliability. They might be more expensive than other options on the market. But since they are very well-made, chances are that you won’t have to replace them often.
  • The bolt sits in the channel. This means that there is no need to have vanes that are different in color to show the position of the arrow. They fly straight and true. This makes them the best to use whether you are an experienced archer or enjoying the archery season for the very first time.


  • Well-made carbon arrows.
  • No nocks need to be installed.
  • Fly accurate and straight thanks to the flat end.
  • Although they are light, they allow for deep penetration.
  • Can be used for hunting or target shooting with great precision.


  • Some users didn’t like the fact that the vanes are all the same color. You might have some problem with safely positioning the arrows.

10) Allen Pro Series Carbon Arrow (Pack of 3):

Allen Pro Series Carbon Arrow

Are you ready for the field? These are the best hunting arrows if you are looking for reliable and hassle-free bolts.

Product features:

  • There is nothing easier or more satisfying than using these arrows. Just take them out of the quiver and they will be good to go. It comes with pre-installed inserts to maximize their accuracy but they are a field ready since you don’t have to adjust anything yourself.
  • They are made from high-quality carbon that can take some abuse without breaking or bending. The arrows quite remarkable when it comes to straightness tolerance. You will not miss any target thanks to their incredible design. Moreover, they feature 2 inches blazer vanes for maximum accuracy on the field.
  • This is an affordable pack of three good arrows that are perfect for small game or target shooting. Nothing can compete with them when it comes to the quality and the price. They are great value for money.


  • Easy to use carbon arrows with pre-installed inserts.
  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Great straightness tolerance.
  • Reliable vanes for accuracy and precision.
  • Great value for money.


  • The nocks are not very well glued. They tend to come off easily.


It is very important to bear in mind what you plan on doing to help you choose the best hunting arrows. Make sure that your arrows are specifically designed to meet your needs and that they are well made. Don’t buy cheap arrows that will have to be replaced every now and then. They might seem cheaper but they will cost more in the long run. Instead, invest in a high-quality pack that will last for long and will enable you to enjoy your archery experience to the maximum. Hunters need to carry a Backpack for carrying arrow. An also need GPS for direction.


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