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How to Wear A Neck Knife

How to wear a neck knife

A neck knife is a versatile little tool with big potential. Whether you are working on your special DIY project, cruising, or embarking on your hunting expedition, the neck knife can be your best friend.

In fact, neck knives have been known for thousands of years because they are so useful. Native Americans and Vikings wore neck knives as the sharp small blade was quite accessible.

The blade can be used for several survival purposes and can also provide serious protection in case of danger.

Deciding on how to wear a neck knife is a personal decision. There are several options to consider that will all provide easy and reliable access to your favorite weapon.

How to wear a neck knife?

As the name suggests, a neck knife is usually hung around the neck. Most of the time, you will be wearing the knife on a chain, cord, or necklace that will help you hide it under your clothes.

Nobody will know that you are wearing one unless you show it. This will provide a good sense of security when you are exploring wild terrains or when you are enjoying your time on a survival adventure.

Neck knives are usually lightweight. This means that the cord will not disturb you or hinder your movement. Nevertheless, you will always have easy access to a sharp blade when you need one.

You will not have to reach for your belt or look for your knife in the backpack as it is the closest to a blade can be.

The knife is either carried handle up or down. A sheath is used to protect the blade and to prevent it from getting in contact with your skin. A sharp yank will release the blade and allow you to use it right away.

It is important to choose a skin-friendly cord. Make sure that it will not yank your chest or neck hair as this can get quite disturbing.

Although most people prefer to wear their knives around their necks, some will actually wear them under their arms. This is better for concealing the blade if you want to make sure that no one will notice that you have something hidden under your shirt.

There will be no cord showing which will increase your stealth. However, this method doesn’t provide quick retrieval in case of an emergency.

Why wear a neck knife?

A neck knife will free your pockets for more important and bigger items. You will not have to worry about looking for a sharp and reliable weapon when you really need one.

It is also lightweight and small. This means that you will be able to wear it for long periods, even for days without feeling any discomfort or strain. Moreover, you will be able to put it back in place quickly to focus on your survival adventure.

Neck knives are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. You can easily hang your blade on your belt or carry it in your pocket because it is compact.

It is suitable for all sorts of survival and outdoor activities including water activities. They are also very easy to sharpen because the blade is small. You can buy this knife for yourself.

Neck knives are probably the best small sharp blades that you should include in your survival gear. They require no special preparation and can be worn for days with no issue.

Deciding how to wear a neck knife will affect its functionality and practicality. You can still keep your neck knife on when you are exploring the bushes or crossing a river.

Whether you have a big backpack that you want to free for important items or explore the jungle in your swimsuit, your neck knife could be exactly what you need. If you want to how can you use a santoku knife? 

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