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How to Tie Boots with Long Laces

How to Tie Boots with Long Laces

Lacing your boots properly is not only a fashion necessity. It is also extremely important for your safety. Tripping over your laces can cause serious injuries or embarrass you in front of your family and friends.

If you wear your boots on a camping trip or in your workshop, you need to have your boots secured at all times. Ironically enough, a lot of people don’t know how to tie the laces of their boots the right way.

Lacing your boots is similar to lacing your shoes except that you have more options. Boots usually have a bigger room, and the laces are longer.

How to tie your Boots with Long Laces?

First, you need to make sure that you are picking the right laces. Always ask the shop assistant about the recommended length for your new boots if you are not satisfied with the original ones. Typically, the more holes you have on your boots, the longer your laces should be.

If your laces are too short, they will not support your leg or secure your boots properly. If they are too long, you might end up with extra laces that you don’t know how to handle.


Crisscross Style:

The right technique is very important. The crisscross technique is one of the most popular methods. It is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time to master.

You should start at the bottom of your boots by inserting both ends of the laces into the bottom eyelets. Make sure that both ends are even by pulling the laces up.

Insert the lace into the opposite upper eyelet by feeding your laces diagonally. Alternate sides of the laces by inserting them into a crisscross style, going only one eyelet at a time. Keep on doing this until you reach the top of your boots.

You can make sure that your laces are tied tight if you want a snug fit. You can also relax the laces or leave the top eyelets empty if you need more room. Tie the top ends in a bow or tie a knot and tuck them in. If you still have some extra lace, you can tie them around your boots for a chic and elegant look.

Army Style:

Military forces tie their boots in this convenient style because it secures your boots comfortably without putting too much pressure on your feet. You can start with your original boots laces or buy new ones of the same length.

The trick lies in the number of eyelets you have. If you have an odd number of eyelet pairs, you should start from the outside and thread your laces in. Do the opposite if you have an even number of eyelet pairs.

If this is the case, then you should start from the inside and lace your boots towards the outside.

The army style is different from the crisscross style because you thread your laces through the eyelet that lies directly above and not the one that lies across. You should do this on both sides then proceed to thread your laces diagonally.

Repeat by alternating lacing vertically and then diagonally until you have threaded all the lace. If you have too much lace left, you can tie it one more time around your boots. Secure your place in a bow or a knot then tuck them in.

It secures your boots to the maximum and this is why it is best to tie your hiking or camping boots.

Ladder Lace Style:

For this method, you probably want to get longer laces than the ones you normally use. It works best with long boots that have a lot of eyelets. It provides a snug and secure fit.

The ladder style starts just like the diagonal or crisscrosses style from the bottom eyelets by threading the lace from the inside out. Then you go vertically to the eyelet that lies directly above it creating a loop.

The next step is rather different, though. You don’t run your lace vertically but you thread it through the vertical loop that you have created by threading the lace through 2 adjacent eyelets on the opposite side.

It is like the diagonal crisscross style but you don’t thread your lace through the opposite eyelet. Now proceed by repeating the same step until you reach the top of your boots.

The lace only passes through the eyelets when you are inserting it through 2 vertical adjacent eyelets. When you reach the top of your boots, tie your lace in a knot or a bow.

The style you choose solely depends on your preference. You don’t have to stick to one style every time you tie your boots. You can play with your style by switching your lace or the style. Choosing a short or a long lace can affect the style.

Just make sure that you secure the ends of your lace and tuck the ends inside or let them loose if you choose the bow style. Now you can make a fashion statement while enjoying your comfortable and stylish boots.

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