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How long should your arrows be ? Determining the length of the arrow

Buying the archery equipment for the first time can be exciting but determining and aiming the target requires a lot of efforts especially for the beginner. However, in case of archery, a proper length or arrow not only aid one to hit the target properly but the same is further considered as a major

How to pack a backpack for a week-long trip ?

Traveling and long trips always bring thrill and excitement in our lives. Everyone craves for a vacation and a wonderful journey with families, friends, and colleagues. However, the major question that tenses us is how to pack a

How to Choose Arrows for Recurve Bow?

Picking the best arrows for your recurve bow can seem like a tiring process at the beginning. But with practice and experience, you will find that it is pretty easy. This article is dedicated to newbies or beginners who are

How to Clean Leather Work Gloves ?

Leather gloves provide the best protection whether you are working in construction, welding, gardening or even working on a DIY project with your kids. But in order to maintain the condition of your protective leather

How to Determine Arrow Length for Compound Bow ?

Archery is a great sport. Whether you practice archery for fun or want to go on a hunting expedition, you need to pack the perfect arrows and bow. Buying archery equipment can be overwhelming especially if you are still a

How to Get Diesel Fuel Smell Out of Clothing ?

Whether you are a handyman or just a DIY projects enthusiast, you have probably worked with diesel fuel before. A lot of machines and equipment use diesel as cheap and easy to obtain fuel. But accidents happen. After washing your clothes and even if you haven’t experienced a spill, you might still

How to Tie Boots with Long Laces ?

Lacing your boots properly is not only a fashion necessity. It is also extremely important for your safety. Tripping over your laces can cause serious injuries or really embarrass you in front of your family and friends. If you wear your

How to Use a Knife in Self Defense ?

Knife fighting is an art that takes a lot of practice. Just because you have a powerful weapon, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can use it well. It requires possessing a lot of intelligence, balance, and focus. There is nothing smart about swinging your knife haphazardly. As a matter of fact, it

How to use santoku knife ?

A santoku knife is a multipurpose Japanese knife characterized by being extremely balanced. The name means 3 virtues in Japanese and actually refers to the 3 jobs this knife does best; slicing, mincing and dicing. A

How to wear a neck knife?

A neck knife is a versatile little tool with big potential. Whether you are working on your special DIY project, cruising or embarking on your hunting expedition, the neck knife can be your best friend. In fact, neck knives have been known for thousands of years because they are so useful. Native

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